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Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians.

The Rise of the Guardians was much better than I expected. It was a heartwarming movie about figuring out who you are, and in essence, what you are. Although it was a bit of a little kids movie, it was still good. I was extremely glad that this wasn’t a sappy holiday movie. Some people may say I’m a grinch, but after waiting 15 minutes for a cab, in the freezing cold, with the salvation army guy and his bell giving you a headache, you wouldn’t be in the Christmas spirit either. My only problem is that all the magic in this movie was represented by sand. Black sand, Yellow sand, and light blue sand. Way too much sand. Overall, I give it 4 stars.


Why is there so much sand in this movie? We may never know.

The ten commandments of WLITRW!

The Ten commandments of  WLRW

Thy shall love thy Lyra888

Thy shall not discuss Twilight

Thy shall not discuss graphic novels, excluding Tintin


This site is rated PG-13. No bad words!

Thou shalt only vote ONCE per poll.

Thou Shalt not use real names.

Thou Shall not Stalk

Thou Shall not be creepy

Thou Shall not diss!!


Dear people,

I don’t think anyone is looking at this sight yet, but this blog is about all books but twilight. This is not a Twilight blog. I will soon publish the ten commandments of this blog. stand by for more info.

My first poll!!!