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This may be the funniest fan quote ever. EVER!

This may be the funniest fan quote ever. EVER!


Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerfull

Pure Awesomeness

Pure Awesomeness

Oz the Great and Powerful was just that: Great and Powerful. I liked it because I was a prequel with a concept I had never thought about before. How did Oz become the great wizard he is today? It was clever and I tip my hat to Mila Kunis. SHE WAS AWESOME!!!!!

The only problem I have is that it disregarded everything in the play Wicked. I know what your thinking. Lyra888 is probably some girl who is obsessed with Wicked and thinks any Wizard-of-Oz like thing that isn’t like it is stupid.

You are absolutely correct.

4 1/2 stars

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1/8 of a movie review: Les Miserables

I only watched 1/8 of this movie, because a CERTAIN THEATER which shall remain unnamed, had a film jam, and the film melted. It was alright, because I really wasn’t enjoying the movie anyway. The one word that could sum it up: dramatic. It was sad and depressing (The saddest part being when the film melted all over poor Cosette’s face). The part of the movie I watched was bad, but you should let me know what happens(I still don’t know)!



Movie review: The Hobbit

This movie has the best effects i've ever seen.

This movie has the best effects i’ve ever seen.

This movie has not only a great story, but amazing visual effects. I literally felt like I was flying over middle earth. Yes, I will admit that the movie is geeky, and not exactly something a normal girl would enjoy watching. It was a bit too long, but Peter Jackson used every second. The whole book is not shown in this movie, and I look forward to the sequel.